Patient Testimonials

We at ONC know how important it is to provide compassionate, reliable, high-quality care. We invite you to read the following patient testimonials expressing actual experiences with our doctors, staff and procedures. 


“Dr. Freeman helped give me my life back.”

– William McCarty


“I fell last Christmas and was treated at a local orthopedic center where I was initially diagnosed with a ruptured lumbar disc. They referred me to Ocala Neurosurgical Center. In spite of physical therapy and injections, the functioning of my whole left side kept deteriorating. By July of this year, the pain and muscle wasting had gotten so bad I could barely walk 200 feet. I spent most days in an electric wheelchair.

“My wife Bev is a nurse at Waterman hospital, and she did some research on [ONC’s] Dr. Jacob Freeman, and was impressed with his background, so I went in to see him. I was immediately impressed with him. He was young and confident but not arrogant, and he was very open and down-to-earth in his approach. Dr. Freeman really listened to me. He ordered a new set of MRIs and attributed my functional problems to cervical myelopathy, meaning the source of my problems was my neck, not my back. No one else had picked up on this.

“We picked a date for surgery [for C5-6/C6-7 anterior cervical discectomy & fusion] and everything went well. Prior to surgery I had difficulty turning my head from side-to-side and holding myself upright, and I could barely walk. Now, after some physical therapy, my leg muscles are returning and I can stand on one leg and walk all the way around the block twice. I believe if I stick with physical therapy, it will only get better.

–William McCarty



“I recently recommended Dr. Freeman to a friend with back pain issues. Dr. Freeman was there for me – he is both a doctor and a friend.”

–Mark P. Chynoweth

“I’m only 48, but my job as the owner of a remodeling business and my outdoor activities are physically demanding. Because of chronic pain, I’d had three lumbar surgeries, including triple fusion and the insertion of a spinal cord stimulator, plus a revision surgery. Then, about a year ago, I began suffering from leg, buttock and back pain that was so severe I had to cut back at work. I tried injections, physical therapy, medications – nothing was working, so I went to see a neurosurgeon at [another facility] and he told me I needed surgery right away. But then I waited while the staff checked my co-pay responsibilities and no one ever got back to me. Their inefficiency concerned me.

“I figured it was a good reason for me to get a second opinion and I called Ocala Neurosurgical Center and went in to see Dr. [Jacob] Freeman. Dr. Freeman’s bedside manner is amazing. He’s not one of those stuffy doctors – he’s very approachable. Dr. Freeman was very forthcoming. He agreed that I needed surgery [L2-3 transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion with posterior extension of fusion to L2], and he explained the risks and benefits very carefully. With him, you feel like an equal, and that is how it should be when you’re considering surgery. He told me he was confident he could help restore my level of function. 


“Dr. Freeman collaborated with his partner, Dr. [Mark] Oliver, who’s an expert on spinal cord stimulators. They agreed that mine should be left in place. The docs used something called a plasma knife during my procedure, to protect the stimulator leads. Turns out, they were right about keeping the stimulator. [Since the surgery] I’ve used it and it has helped. 

“With my prior triple fusion surgery, it took me nearly 3 months to walk. With Dr. Freeman’s surgery, I was up and walking the very next day. I was able to stop taking narcotic pain medication four days after surgery. It was amazing.

“Dr. Freeman told me if I needed anything to contact him on his personal cell phone and he always got back to me within 15-20 minutes. That is how it should be with your doctor. And the ONC staff is great. Everything was explained to me, from my personal financial responsibility to the surgery itself.

–Mark P. Chynoweth