Ocala Neurosurgical Center Welcomes Tumor Specialist, Jacob Freeman, MD


Ocala Neurosurgical Center (ONC) is pleased to welcome neurosurgeon Jacob Freeman, MD to its surgical team. ONC has been serving Central Florida for more than two decades, providing diagnoses and treatment of brain and spinal diseases and disorders including brain tumor, back and neck pain, spinal stenosis, motion syndromes, epilepsy, and other neurosurgical issues. Some select procedures, however, have been locally unavailable, requiring patients with certain types of skull base and ventricular (deep brain) tumors to travel out of the area for treatment.

Thanks to ONC’s inclusion of Dr. Freeman, some of the most advanced tumor surgeries will now be available here in Marion County. Dr. Freeman has completed two skull base surgery fellowships with a concentration on endoscopic surgical procedures, including endoscopic endonasal surgery, in which a tiny camera mounted on an endoscope can be inserted through a nasal passage to explore areas at the base of the skull, preventing or minimizing the need for incisions in the face or head. The endoscope can also be used to explore the ventricular system (the fluid-filled spaces located deep within the brain) to biopsy tumors in this region and restore the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with a condition called hydrocephalus. “With the neuro-endoscope, we are now able to reach areas in the center of the brain through a 2-centimeter incision on the scalp in far less time than before,” says Dr. Freeman.

During traditional brain tumor surgery, the endoscope can be used to maximize the resection. With a variety of straight and angled tips, the surgeon can see around corners to remove any residual tumor. Regarding these breakthroughs in tumor removal, Dr. Freeman says, “Endoscopic surgery has revolutionized the way we approach and remove select tumors of the brain and skull base. This represents a tremendous advance in neurosurgical care.”

Dr. Freeman will work primarily at Munroe Regional Medical Center, where ONC remains the exclusive provider of neurosurgical services to the residents of Central Florida. For patients with brain tumors and other conditions, treatment is now much closer to home. “It’s both humbling and an honor to take part in these life-saving operations every day,” says Dr. Freeman.

Of his move to join ONC, Dr. Freeman states, “I chose ONC because the surgeons are of the highest character. They are known for both quality of care and surgical expertise. I’m able to add to ONC’s services and establish comprehensive, state-of-the-art tumor treatment here in Central Florida. I will help deliver the best surgical outcomes for patients needing advanced cranial operations.”

For more information about ONC and Dr. Freeman, contact ONC at (352) 622-3360 or via email at info@ocalaneurosurgicalcenter.com.